call the scrap metal salvage/apliance recyclers for free scrap metal/apliance disposal.we take all metal all the time,all appliances,auto's,auto parts,ride on lawn mower's,tillers,snow blowers,all brass copper,and alluminum and more.we love farms and take all farm metal's.we take all metal yard furnature,bbq's.we proudly serve BRANTFORD,BURFORD,SCOTLAND,OAKLAND,WATERFORD,
NEW CREDIT TERRITORIES,CALEDONIA,AND HAGERSVILLE AND ALL POINTS IN BETWEEN.we do comercial industrial,and residential.we are salvage specialists,we will pull it fr a ditch,drag it fr the trees,or haul it fr a field.if its metal we want it,and will go just about anywhere for a load.please call 519-900- or respond online with your number and address and a brief description of what you have.we check our messages all day.